Is Ivey Custom Homes licensed by the State of Tennessee?

Yes. Ivey Custom Homes carries an unlimited license with the State of Tennessee Contractors Board.

Does Ivey Custom Homes offer warranty program?

For all custom built homes, Ivey Custom Homes, Inc. offers a 1-Year written warranty. A copy can be sent to you via email or provided in person for review.

Why should I choose Ivey Custom Homes?

There are certainly many more builders than us to choose from that’s why we strive to stand out. We involve you, the client, in all aspects of the project and we make every effort to ensure this is the best home building experience you will ever have. Not only are we building homes, but character and integrity as well.

What is the best way to get started in this process?

After deciding that you want to construct a home, the first step is to contact our office and schedule a consultation / informational meeting. As the future homeowners, you should plan to discuss lifestyle needs and wants, topography of the site and location, the financing for the project, and determine a realistic budget for your new residence. Next, Ivey Custom Homes can suggest plans and styles that may best meet your desires while attainable within your financial goals.

How would you price our project?

Ivey Custom Homes prepares estimates on a fixed-price basis and also offers cost-plus contracts. The terms of our contracts will not change unless you as a client upgrade a product or request modifications throughout the duration of the construction process. Our contract does include several exclusions which cover our company of any liability which resulting from unknown conditions.

I prefer a unique style - Can I elect to use a custom floor plan?

Yes. The majority of our properties are built from unique plans, designed and built specifically for the homeowners. Ivey Custom Homes builds throughout the Knoxville and the surrounding areas. We can schedule a planning meeting to develop a unique floor plan that includes and meets all of your expectations. As we take pride in promoting a solid team effort, each custom built home is an important investment and is built as if it was our own. Ivey Custom Homes offers in-house design service to ensure every detail is included within the final design. We also have several floor plans that can easily be modified to suit your lifestyle.

What can I expect?

Ivey Custom Homes is built upon a foundation of experienced craftsmen. In order to appreciate a home built by Ivey Custom Homes, we encourage you to call and arrange for a personal tour of a recently completed home. Seeing the finished product will allow you to view the details and the craftsmanship. Each of our homes are beautiful inside and out. We want you to experience the exceptional features which are part of each home we build.

Luxury. Quality. Integrity.

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